Our real-time data products and services include solutions for data aggregation, visualization, analysis, quality control, based on recognised standards including WITSML and WITS.

Drilling and production data are valuable assets of any E&P company. Availability of real-time data at the Oil Company’s offices and RTOCs enables remote collaborations with rigsites to improve efficiency and responsiveness  in case of well problems and emergencies. We can provide automatic data quality control to ensure that data archived have sufficient quality, allowing to react immediately in case of acquisition, transmission or storage problems. It also helps to evaluate the data acquisition service of provider that originate the data.

The RealWell  WITSML Server allows to access multiple wells data from a secure site. All the data are available in real-time to authorized company users, no matter where they are located and which device they are using.

We can also provide data aggregation solution at rigsite using both the WITS and WITSML standards.

We can provide the  RSD server to analyse in realtime or in batch time well data, to automatically determine the type and duration of the well activities (rig states) breaking down them to include individual connections, pump offs, etc.

Any required software customization is possible because all the software is produced in house by WellSite Software.

The strong points of RealServices & software are:

  • Best technologies: all the components are web based to avoid installation time and costs and can be delivered as secure cloud services or in an intranet.
  • Responsiveness  our team is dedicated to development and support of the real-time data services and software only.
  • Independence: there is no conflict of interest with other services.